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Eligibility Requirements for Participating in the CRC-Prevent Colon Screening Study:

To participate in this study,  you will need to pre-qualify by taking a quiz and speaking to a member of our study support team. Once you've been enrolled in the study, you'll need to complete a sample collection at home prior to your physician-prescribed colonoscopy.  Participants that meet and complete all requirements will receive a $200 gift card!

Eligible participants need to be 45 years or older, undergo a physician-prescribed colonoscopy, and be willing to collect a fecal sample in their home.  Additionally, there are some medical and family history screening questions that will evaluate your eligibility. Take our quiz to see if you qualify.

Please review our complete Terms and Conditions.

Why do I need to submit a fecal sample before my traditional colonoscopy?
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To measure the accuracy of our at-home test, we need to compare our results to traditional colonoscopy results. However, because of the invasive nature of a traditional colonoscopy, the colonoscopy procedure may affect your sample.

What if I don't have an appointment for a physician-prescribed colonoscopy?

In order to enroll in our study and receive your  gift card, you need to have a traditional colonoscopy scheduled. We prefer that your colonoscopy be scheduled two weeks into the future to allow time for collection and shipping.  If you don't have a colonoscopy scheduled, we recommend using Healthgrades.

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What if I lost or damaged my collection kit or the return packaging?

Simply call us at (855) 214-3945 and we will send another kit out to you, as long as there is enough time prior to your colonoscopy.

What if I've lost or damaged my Attestation form?

If you've misplaced or damaged your Attestation form please call our team at (855) 214-3945 so we can send you a new kit.

Is my colonoscopy covered by insurance?

All policies are different, but based on new CDC guidelines, routine colonoscopies should be covered if you meet the criteria. Please contact your insurance company prior to scheduling your colonoscopy for specifics.

How long does it take to confirm that I've successfully completed my colonoscopy?

It typically takes about 14 business days from the date of your appointment for our study to team to contact your physician's office and confirm you have successfully completed the colonoscopy.

Where's my $200 gift card?
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Your gift card will be e-mailed directly to you at least 14 business days after we've confirmed you've successfully completed your colonoscopy.  Please be sure to check your inbox/spam folder. Didn't receive it? Give us a call at (855) 214-3945.

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