FAQs About Sample Collection

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Is there any preparation needed for this test?

No special preparation is required to complete the sample collection kit. Simply follow the instructions provided. However, patients will need to follow the preparation instructions for their traditional colonoscopy as directed by their physician.

Can I still take medications when submitting a sample?

Yes. There is no need to stop any prescribed medications prior to submitting a sample.

Are there any foods I should avoid?

No, you can eat normally.

What comes in the sample collection kit?

Please refer to the  collection instructions that list all of the kit components. You will also receive a prepaid return shipping label and an overview of the study to share with your colonoscopy provider.  IMPORTANT: YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE AN ATTESTATION FORM WITH YOUR KIT. You will need to sign this form and return it with your sample to attest that the sample belongs to you and no one else.

Where will I receive my kit?

We will send the sample collection kit to the address you provided. While it does not need to be your permanent address, please ensure it is an address where you can receive packages. Kits can NOT be shipped to PO Boxes if that is where you normally accept packages.

How should I send in my sample?

The sample should be shipped within 24 hours of collection. We recommend shipping it Monday through Thursday to avoid weekend shipping and maintain the sample's viability. The kit should be mailed to our lab via Fed Ex, using the pre-paid and pre-addressed return label provided with the kit.

Are there any special requirements I need to know about returning my sample?

There are a couple of minor requirements with regard to returning your sample. Your sample must be shipped within 24 hours of collection using the kit provided, and it must include a signed Attestation form. We recommend shipping your sample Monday through Thursday to avoid weekend delays.

I received a kit but it is damaged (or missing a part). What should I do?

Please contact us at (855) 214-3945. Our support specialists will confirm your information and help determine if a new kit should be sent to you.

I could not mail my completed sample collection for a few days. Is that okay?

Our lab needs to receive the sample within 3 days of collection to ensure test accuracy, so we recommend shipping it the same day or within 24 hours. If you are concerned that your sample will not arrive within 3 days of collection, please call us at (855) 214-3945.

How will I know if my sample is "normal"?

The sample should be what is typical for you. For example, if you normally have loose stool, go ahead and collect the sample. If you do not normally have loose stool, it is best to wait until the stool returns to its normal consistency. However, if you are sick and have diarrhea, you should not collect a sample until symptoms resolve.

How do I make sure I have a usable sample?

Be sure to carefully follow all the instructions that come with the kit. Remember that the sample must be collected before your colonoscopy bowel prep, and should be sent to the lab within 24 hours of collection. Additionally, urine should not enter the collection container.
Lastly, you must include the signed attestation form when returning your kit in order for your sample to be processed.

How should I store the sample before returning it to the lab?

Samples should be stored in the sample collection kit using the materials provided. It can be stored at room temperature. Please send the sample back within 24 hours of collection.

Will I see any results from my test?

As this collection is part of an ongoing research study, you will not receive your individual results from this test. However, your participation in this study will help to advance Geneoscopy’s technology so that we can improve health outcomes in the future for members of the public who are at risk for GI disease(s), which may also benefit you. Should the results of the study be published, you would have access to the results, but all personal identifying information will have been removed.

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